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For the past year I have been working with All Saints Church, Little Horton, Bradford as part of the Heritage Lottery Fund project; Little Horton's Heritage - restored, renewed and revealed for all.  

We are pleased to offer schools a range of hands-on, curriculum-based activities designed to engage learners through memorable experiences.  These workshop sessions have been created to enthuse and inspire learners and all take place within the magnificent setting of one of Bradford's most beautiful local landmarks.  

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To make a booking and for all enquiries email: Jonathan@shareyourlearning.co.uk

Key Stage 1

The All Saints Creature Trail


The Victorian craftsmen that brought their talents to the construction of All Saints Church let a whole menagerie of creatures loose in the building, through their work! Young heritage explorers, armed with child-friendly binoculars and a map, will be guided around the building to try and track them all down. An animal-themed Bible story and related take-home craft activity can also be added to the session.

Key Stage 1 & 2

Landmark Materials


Whether your curriculum focus is science, art or DT, All Saints Church is a great place to learn about materials and their properties. This session will give your learners the chance to see for themselves how stone, wood, metal and glass can have both practical and beautiful applications. 

Landmark Lab: Rocks


Using microscopes and magnifiers, learners will investigate the properties of a selection of rocks and record their observations.

Francis Skidmore: Artist in Metal


In this session, children will have the opportunity to find out about the man responsible for the decorative metalwork we have in church. They will also have a go at recreating some of his designs as 

part of a take-home craft activity.

Scholars, Servants, Slaves


During this jam-packed local heritage day, your children will experience 1890s education at All Saints School and enjoy some Victorian playtime. They will investigate what life was like for the staff who worked for Sir Francis Sharp Powell and find out why neighbouring Horton Hall was so significant in the abolition of child slavery in the mills. 

Key Stage 2 & 3

Sacred Spaces, Stories & Symbols


Learners have the chance to explore the features of All Saints Church, hunt for symbols, find out about their significance in Anglican worship and investigate our fine stained-glass windows which show God’s story as found in the Bible.

Long ago in Little Horton…


Learners are invited to step back in time to discover what life was like for some important Victorians from the local area. Through storytelling and newspaper reports they will explore the events surrounding the tragic story of the Lumb family of Little Horton Green and also attempt our history & heritage quiz.


Download the ‘All Saints Learning leaflet 2020’ below, for a printable overview of what is on offer.  More details about each workshop are given in the other downloadable PDF file.

All Saints Learning leaflet 2020 (pdf)


All Saints Learning - workshops information 2020 (pdf)