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Curriculum Experience Projects

Curriculum Experience Project

How do the projects work?

Our Curriculum Experience Projects are designed to give your learners the opportunity to consolidate what they have learnt by sharing their knowledge with other learners through practical activities.   

We're starting with just a few and hope to add to these over time.  They will all work in roughly the same way.   Remember it's a project, we have tried to give you preparation activities that could fill just a few days, a whole week or longer - you decide! 

Big schools, small schools...

The project outline here is based on an average two-form entry primary school but we know that schools come in all shapes and sizes!  Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we'll do everything we can to make it work for your learners.  


Make a booking and we will email you a preparation pack.  In the pack, you will find two sections; essentials and extras.   


Launch - Get all the children in the year group, who have been studying the topic, together and introduce the project to them.  Classes will prepare for and run the experience separately but it's good to launch the project together. 

Jobs - Give each child a job.  Job descriptions are included to help you match the right children to the right tasks.  The jobs include; stewards, actors and archaeologists as well as activity organisers.  There is something for everyone.  Again, each class will run the experience separately so each class teacher will assign jobs to the children in their class.  You could even make the children apply for the different posts! 

Costumes - There are some ideas for simple costumes included.  Costumes really help children get into their role and make them look the part.  We include some simple ideas but if costume making is your thing, feel free to really go to town!

Visitors - Each class involved will lead their sessions for some visitors.  The visitors will be another class in school, visiting half a class at a time.  Visits from other adults in school are really valuable too.   

The pack also includes an 'Extras' section which has a range of other ideas that you can use and adapt.

Preparation Support - Need help getting ready for the experience day? We can help with that too!  £95 per day, simply get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Skeleton Zoo Quiz

Skeleton Zoo Quiz


The Experience Day

When you book, we'll agree a date for the experience, allowing enough time for you and your colleagues to complete the preparation activities, with your children, in the days before it.

We will arrive early, bring everything we need, and set up in your hall or a suitable large empty space.  We know that schools are busy places with lots of things going on at the same time so we will discuss the practical arrangements and timings that suit your school with you when you make the booking. 


Each class of organising children will have the opportunity to look around the experience themselves.  We will also answer any questions and make sure that everyone knows what to do.  Then the organisers will get into position ready for the visitors to arrive!

All systems go!

Visitors will be escorted to and from the experience by the stewards.  Visits will take approximately 15 minutes and each organising class will usually have two sets of visitors.  

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